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The Hot Rats have several albums available individually and collectively.

Ian and Dougie have both released their own albums and are available on their websites.

"Fast One" is the Hot Rats latest CD and was recorded in 2017 and features Scott Kirk on bass.


* Song of the Plains / Troika Ride
* Jig of Slurs
* A Begging
* Dashing White Sergeant / Bridge at Killiecrankie
* Vodka Song
* Love Theme from the Godfather / Tarantella
* Katyusha
* Rocky Road to Dublin / Drops of Brandy / Foxhunter's Jigs
* Santy Anna
* Last Night's Fun / Hardiman the Fiddler
* Dark Eyes



"Tour de France" was recorded in two venues in France in October 2008 - La Soiree Que N'Existe Pas and the Theatre Les Insolites where the Rats play regularly.

* Cooley's Reel
* Song of the Plains
* Americans
* Merrily Kissed the Quaker
* Santy Anna
* Orange Blossom Special
* Dark Eyes
* Arabesque/Hava Nagila
* Step It Out Mary
* Jig of Slurs
* Farewell to Ireland
* Katyusha


The third CD entitled "Three" was completed in 2003 and was the first album to be released with the previous line-up of Doug, Ian and Mick Peters.

* Jig of Slurs
* Santy Anna
* Monti Czardas
* Step It Out Mary
* Last Night's Fun/Hardiman the Fiddler
* Katusha
* Bulgaro
* January Man/Paddy Ryan's Dream
* Salmon Tails Up the Water/Flowers of Edinburgh
* Rehradice/A Walk in Brevnov

The second Hot Rats CD, released in 1999, called "Like Flies" features original material from Ian and Doug, and songs in German, Hungarian, Russian and English:

* Macedon Expresz Variation
* Lark in the Morning/Rakish Paddy
* Mercedes in the Drive
* Orange Blossom Special
* Duna Rol Fuja Szel (A Cold Wind Blows Over the Danube)
* Music For a Found Harmonium
* Die Moorsoldaten (Peat Bog Soldiers)
* Smeceno Horo
* Like Flies
* Bonny Kate/The Teetotaller
* Moscow Nights
* Dashing White Sergeant

The first Hot Rats CD was recorded 'live' at the Prince of Wales pub in Strood in 1997.This album featured Ian, Dougie, Mick Peters and Tony Rico .

* Andy Renwick's Ferret
* Banks of Newfoundland
* Nine points of roguery/The teetotaller
* Billy
* Cooley's reel/Maid behind the bar
* White walls, white rum
* Drunken priest/Ash plant
* Mira dreams of England
* Rocky road to Dublin/Foxhunters' jigs/Kid on the mountain
* Carrickfergus
* Killarney boys of fun
* The pigeon on the gate
* Farewell to Ireland/Mason's apron


The first offering in 1992 was a cassette entitled 'The Hot Rats with Doug Hudson' which featured Ian, Dougie, Mick and Tony Rico with lead electric guitar from Steve Shorey and some fiddle and keyboard work from Ian's sister, Val.

* Kid on the Mountain
* Carrickfergus
* The Rakes of Kildare/Tenpenny Bit
* Nine Points of Roguery/The Teetotaller
* Whiskey in the Jar
* The Merry Blacksmith/The Scholar
* The Fields of Athenry
* Seven Inch Reel/Foggy Mountain Breakdown/Sweets of May

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